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Keep Pipedrive and Salesforce records in sync using these integrations


Enterprise cloud applications are the cornerstone to inspire modern ways of working, while also keeping your customers and employees happy. These applications help teams streamline business processes, save time and create better customer experiences. However, for a business to truly make measurable progress, it is crucial for these applications to seamlessly communicate with each other.

Using a cloud integration solution such as an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), organizations can tie together all their applications and the associated data. Built.io Flow, a next-generation iPaaS helps businesses connect disparate applications and create a two-way sync between them. We offer several ready-to-use workflows for popular applications that you are already using, such as Pipedrive and Salesforce.

Using these workflows, you can quickly configure data synchronization between these apps, without having to use a single line of code. Every time you make an update in Pipedrive, Flow automatically syncs it with Salesforce, and vice versa - eliminating import and export. This allows your teams to automate CRM actions, update and view sales information on-the-go, and focus on selling and growing the company revenue, instead of going in and out of applications to update them.

With Flow, you can integrate Pipedrive and Salesforce in a number of ways. Here are a few of them.

1.  Copy new Pipedrive people to Salesforce as leads and post a message on Cisco Webex Teams

With this workflow, whenever a new person is added in Pipedrive, Built.io Flow automatically copies that person to your Salesforce account as a new lead, and also sends a notification to a specified space in your Cisco Webex Teams account.

Copy Pipedrive people to Salesforce as leads

You can also fetch all Salesforce leads and send them to Cisco Webex Teams, whenever a new message containing a particular word is posted in a specified space.

2.  Create opportunities in Salesforce for new deals in Pipedrive

In this workflow, whenever a deal is added in Pipedrive, Built.io Flow checks whether the deal already exists as an opportunity in Salesforce. If it exists, no change is executed. If it doesn’t exist, Flow automatically creates a new opportunity in Salesforce.

Create Salesforce opportunities for new Pipedrive deals

3.  Create or update opportunities in Salesforce for updated deals in Pipedrive

This workflow automatically adds or updates opportunities in Salesforce for every updated deal in Pipedrive. Every time a deal is updated, Built.io Flow checks whether the deal already exists as an opportunity in Salesforce. If the opportunity exists, Flow automatically updates it, and if it doesn’t exist, the workflow creates a new opportunity in the appropriate Salesforce account.

Create or update Salesforce opportunities for updated Pipedrive deals

4.  When a new contact is created in Pipedrive, create a new lead in ProsperWorks and add a new customer in Salesforce

In this workflow, whenever a new contact is created in your Pipedrive account, Built.io Flow concurrently adds them as a lead in ProsperWorks, and as a new customer in Salesforce.

Create ProsperWorks lead and Salesforce customer for new Pipedrive contact

You can have a look at more Pipedrive and Salesforce integrations, available in our library.

Save time by managing just one application. Sign up today and start syncing data from your your Pipedrive and Salesforce accounts to create your own sales automation journey.

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