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It's Happening built.io Builds a User Base in Beta


he built.io team at raw engineering is excited to announce built.io is now available to a select group of users who expressed early interest in getting from idea to app in record time. You can sign up, and request access to our free beta at built.io.

Start building apps with built.io, a mobile backend and application development platform, that enables you to create full-featured enterprise mobile applications, and understand your users with insight into your application based in real, deep analytics.

By powering the entire backend (servers, cloud infrastructure, database, scaling), and delivering core app functionality, built.io lets developers focus on building a killer user experience.


After presenting at IDG's DEMO Mobile, and SiliconIndia's StartupCity, and having victories at conferences and in contests, we knew it was time to enable excited developers to create their apps on built.io, and we look forward to hearing about the experience.

Feel free to shoot us an email with any and all questions and feedback.

Buzz about built.io

After compiling feedback about built.io, we know that we have a well-rounded group of users, with equal parts iOS, Javascript, and Android Developers, and business users who want to enable them to have quick turnaround, building apps in a snap. They're all buzzing about built.io:

  • …a service that integrates push, storage, and services in the backend without having to sacrifice the front-end.
  • …ability to quickly develop mobile apps, and scale them.
  • …it goes much beyond existing app frameworks and actually offers the backend stack & SDK.
  • I like built.io's very comprehensive feature set, especially the built-in file storage, OAuth, social, and analytics services.
  • …revolutionizing the way we utilize and develop apps is a game-changer for aspiring developers.

Tell Us What You're Building on built.io

Tell us about what killer apps you're building on built.io, and we'll feature three top projects on an upcoming blog post!

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