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Introducing The First Customizable Enterprise BaaS For App Developers


We’re thrilled to announce our latest update to Built.io Backend! Version 3.0 presents a pluggable architecture for more robust security, better app performance and greater control over data for the most customizable, robust, enterprise-grade Backend-as-a-Service ever for Mobile, IoT and web.

Previously, MBaaS solutions were either all DIY or 100 percent pre-built. You had to choose between convenience and control. With the rise of microservices, we set out to build something more customizable for our customers. Now developers can create a best-of-breed backend stack with any combination of out-of-the-box functionality, custom code upgrades and third party enhancements. - Matthew Baier, COO, Built.io

Notable Built.io Backend 3.0 Updates And Features

Built.io Backend for the first time combines the convenience of a pre-tested, scalable, proven backend stack with the control typically reserved for a hand-crafted, manually assembled backend stack. Here are just a few of our favorite updates:

  • Pluggable Architecture
    Built.io Backend 3.0's pluggable architecture enables developers to integrate custom business logic directly into Built.io Backend's code base. Developers can write plugins that call third party services, query or write data to another system, or execute custom code whenever there is any API interaction, e.g. between the app and the backend. This enables the addition of powerful, bespoke capabilities for any app created in Built.io Backend.
  • Data Set Segmentation for Upgraded Security
    Built.io Backend's hosted, multi-tenant cloud instance already separates environments from each other to prevent unintended or unexpected application interactions. Built.io Backend now segments data further into entirely separate collections. Customers benefit both from additional data isolation but at the same time gain greater control over how the data in their applications is stored and accessed.
  • Database Indexing for Better Performance
    Traditionally, multi-tenant MBaaS does not allow for custom indexing at the database layer, because the architecture is shared across applications. Built.io Backend 3.0 now offers support for indexing even for its hosted, multi-tenant environment. This allows DevOps teams to apply database optimizations on an app-by-app basis – customized for a particular workload – resulting in dramatic performance boosts.
  • Direct Database Access via SDK
    Traditional MBaaS offerings abstract the database layer, limiting the control developers have over the environment. With Built.io Backend's new MongoDB SDK, customers can directly access the underlying database, exposing previously hidden parameters for easy tweaking by developers and administrators.
  • Direct Object Data Access
    Data stored in MBaaS is typically accessed via interaction through web forms, which are simple to use but overly restrictive. With Built.io Backend 3.0, data can now be accessed in its raw format, for unfettered, direct object manipulation by a developer.

Customer Love

We love the new Built.io Backend pluggable architecture. It enabled us to create a custom backend stack tailored exactly to our needs. Because the core is so lightweight, our apps now run 3X faster in the cloud and with fewer resources needed than ever before. - Brianna DeMike, Co-Founder, ZenContent

Learn more about Built.io Backend here or read the full press release.

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