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Introducing The Digital Fan Experience Platform: A Slam Dunk For SportsTech


Yesterday, we formally announced our first solution at the intersection of “physical” and “digital” worlds: the Digital Fan Experience Platform. This solution comprises Built.io’s three award-winning products and an ecosystem of partner offerings, specifically designed for the sports and entertainment vertical.

With sports teams embracing the opportunity to connect and engage with fans and delight ticket holders with exciting, bespoke experiences, the Digital Fan Experience Platform offers teams and sports franchises the ability to create innovative digital experiences that keeps fans coming back for more.

What Is The Digital Fan Experience?

The Digital Fan Experience Platform offers highly customizable building blocks that allow sports brands to blend physical and digital aspects of both games and venue to deliver impactful, tailored sports experiences. This new offering from Built.io provides a complete software platform that embraces and extends the physical infrastructure of any arena or stadium, turning it into a smart, connected space bursting with personalized, realtime, futuristic interactions that help make every fan feel like a VIP.

The platform itself features industrial-grade, cutting edge technology to create and scale applications across mobile, web and IoT. It incorporates digital innovation such as bots and A.I., AR and VR, as well as sensors, beacons and drones to allow sports brands to continuously evolve their desired fan experiences. It also makes it easy to aggregate and deliver compelling content to the right device at the right time: laptops, mobile phones, smartwatches, VR headsets, in-arena jumbotrons and more.

How Does It Work?

Under the hood, the Digital Fan Experience Platform is supported by Built.io’s three core products, Built.io Flow, an iPaaS, Built.io Contentstack, a headless CMS, and Built.io Backend, an mBaaS.

Connect Everything: The solution helps teams digitize and connect venues for an unforgettable ‘stadium-as-a-service’ that essentially functions as a ‘Giant Tesla’. Technologists can put together their dream stack by connecting any combination of microservices, sensors and beacons to support a VIP fan experience, help drive deep analytical insights, and enable teams to test out, incorporate, and continuously iterate components without disrupting the fan experience.

Deliver Content: Built.io’s headless CMS enables teams to embrace new screen formats and deliver content anywhere – from mobile devices, to smart watches, to jumbotrons and beyond.

Build Apps: Built.io’s mBaaS is lightweight and features an industry-first pluggable architecture that supports any microservice of your choice to help craft a beautiful, compelling, robust app.

Earning Fan Engagement Through Unique Value

A key underlying principle for the Digital Fan Experience Platform is that the experience should deliver enough unique value to earn an opt-in from every fan. In order for me to share my profile and preferences with my favorite sports team, I would want to know that they are using that information to deliver something of value, tailored to my personality and behavior. With this ownness lying with the sports team, there is pressure to be more interesting and innovative. That’s where the platform delivers unique value.

Our Partner Network

Built.io has extensive partnerships with leading sports technology providers, including Cartogram, Experience, Gimbal, Handbid, SessionM, Urban Airship, Vitec, and Parking Panda, a SpotHero company, as well as award-winning agencies, such as BeyondCurious and M&C Saatchi LA, that specialize in concepting and building custom fan experiences, apps and digital solutions for winning sports brands.

Our partners spawn innovation, support big ideas, and help curate the best experience for everyone involved.

We look forward to helping you build your VIP fan experience. Contact us with your idea; we’d be happy to build a POC with our team of experts in the Innovation Lab and help you compete (and win!) with your future fan experience.

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