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Introducing Listeners: Gamechanger for IoT Integrations


Over the last few years, the internet has revolutionized the way we do things. It has seamlessly connected people globally with the aid of a trusted protocol named, HTTP. Almost since the emergence of the internet, HTTP has been the preferred protocol for websites and applications - big and small. However, in spite of its absolute dominance over all things internet, HTTP still has an Achilles heel, IoT.

HTTP and IoT: One size doesn’t fit all

With the introduction of IoT, the rules of how we interact over the internet have suddenly changed. What has always worked for applications and websites doesn’t work for IoT. HTTP cannot effectively fulfill the specific requirements of these devices such as:

  • Support for one-to-many communication
  • Listening for events
  • Lightweight data packets which ensure that the limited memory of IoT devices is not exhausted
  • Minimum or no data loss

This is where IoT protocols that cater to these specific requirements come into play. Some of the leading IoT protocols are MQTT, AMQP, CoAP. While these protocols tick most of the boxes, they remain highly exclusive to developers who can use them for their IoT integrations. 

A simple gateway that could listen to events on broadcasting or protocol servers and respond accordingly without the development effort was still missing, that is, until now.

IoT, Meet Listeners

As part of our goal to continuously challenge the status quo and democratize integration, we are happy to announce Listeners, the first-of-its-kind service, to help you bring out the untapped potential of your IoT devices.

The Listeners enable you to listen to the events of your IoT devices using the Built.io Flow platform. As mentioned above, you can use any IoT messaging protocol for communicating with your IoT devices. Listeners use in-memory sockets to listen to these protocol servers for events and fetch event responses.

How Listeners Work

Let’s say you are using PubNub for inter-IoT device communication. To create a workflow that triggers whenever any message is published on the PubNub channel associated with the IoT devices, you can set up a PubNub Listener on Built.io Flow. 

As soon as you register the Listener, a dedicated in-memory socket is created and it starts listening to the specified PubNub channel. After this, whenever an event occurs on the PubNub channel, the socket sends the event response data in the binary format—which makes it very lightweight and hence, ideal for the IoT devices—to the Built.io Flow server. The Built.io Flow server then uses this data to trigger your workflow. 

It is simple, fast, secure, and most importantly, requires only a few seconds of your time.

Currently, we are supporting Listeners for PubNub, MQTT, AMQP, and Cumulocity and planning to add a few more soon.


Here's the list of key features of listeners:

  • Ensures fast and secure data delivery
  • Sends real-time notifications
  • Requires minimum user intervention
  • No maintenance overhead. All Listeners are developed and maintained by Built.io.

So start using Listeners and take your IoT integrations to the next level. If you want us to build a specific Listener or have any questions, drop us a line at support-flow@built.io

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