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Introducing IF-Then-Else In Built.io Flow Express


“Should I pick one cookie or two? If the cookie is too small, maybe I will pick up two. If it’s big, I will pick up just one. Or I won’t take any, if mom is watching.”

Life is full of choices. We make our choice based on the situation we are in or by gauging the possible consequences of each choice. And it’s not always easy.

Thankfully, making decisions in Built.io Flow Express is easy with our newest feature. The If-Then-Else action makes tough decisions on your behalf by enabling your workflow to execute different actions depending on the conditions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Define a set of conditions
  • If the conditions are met, the workflow will choose a set of defined actions that will be executed
  • If the conditions are not met, it will execute the other set of actions

If-Then-Else Examples

Here are some examples of workflows that can be created using the If/Then/Else action.

If a new lead added in Salesforce contains a phone number, send a text message. Else, send an email.


If the bug added in Zoho Projects is assigned to employee X or employee Y, send an email to Team A. Else, send the email to Team B.


If the title of a new task in Wunderlist contains the word ‘Project X’, send the task details to a room in Cisco Spark, add the task in Trello, and create a note in Evernote. If it does not contain the word ‘Project X’, then put the task in an existing Google Sheet.

You can specify multiple conditions using the ‘And’ and ‘Or’ operators, as seen in second example above. And you can specify multiple actions for ‘If-true’ or ‘Else’, as seen in the third example. You can also use multiple If-Then-Else actions in a single flow.

The beauty of this action is that it keeps your automation tasks going even if the output of an action or trigger is uncertain or unknown. It doesn’t remove the uncertainty, but it lets you automate a part of it.

Ready to start incorporating If/Then/Else logic into your workflows? Log in or read more about how to use it here.

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