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Introducing Built.io® Flow Express – Automation for Business Users


Today is a big day for business users and citizen integrators! We’re introducing the world to the newest member of the Built.io family: Built.io Flow Express!

Built.io Flow Express is a brand new, business-friendly automation tool that distills all the integration goodness from our original integration tool, Built.io Flow Enterprise (formerly Built.io Flow), into a simplified interface. It’s now even easier for those of us who are less technical – i.e. don’t have coding skills – to automate workflows. No more filing support tickets – this is self-serve automation at your fingertips, to enable you to work smarter and faster.

How To Use Built.io Flow Express

Here are just a few things you can do with Built.io Flow Express:

  1. Create invoices in QuickBooks pre-populated with information from Salesforce Sales Cloud or SalesforceIQ.
  2. When a new partner is added to Marketo, create a task in Asana to add them to a marketing campaign.
  3. Get notified via email, chat or SMS whenever an important file is updated in Dropbox or Box.
  4. When a support ticket is escalated in Zendesk, create a chatroom for sales and support teams to coordinate a resolution in Cisco Spark or Slack.

There are lots of other ways in which you can use the tool. You can always get inspired by using templates once you’re in the product.

Two Integration Products – Serving Very Different Teams

So, why two integration products? Simply put: Different people have different skillsets, but we all benefit from automation. This way business users can connect all their apps, services, and devices in just a few clicks, and technical users (developers or those in IT) still get their robust tool as well.

The best part is that business users will be able to export their workflows from Built.io Flow Express to Built.io Flow Enterprise, making Built.io Flow the first end-to-end integration suite for people and teams with varying technical skills. Here are some examples where this will come in particularly handy:

  • You’re a business user in a big enterprise organization. You have an easy automation that you can DIY with Built.io Flow Express. Eventually your ideas for workflows outgrow your technical skills. Now you can call in IT or a developer who can use Built.io Flow Enterprise to fill in the blanks.
  • You run a small or medium-sized business without a dedicated IT team or large budgets for integration. Equip your teams with Built.io Flow Express and Built.io Flow Enterprise to create “citizen integrators”. As your business grows, you have peace of mind that the platform can scale and handle your growing needs.

For a quick comparison of each product, visit: http://built.io/flow or watch the video below.

To learn more, read about us in TechCrunch, eWeek, or view our press release.

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