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Introducing AnyAuth


Security is a top priority when developing mobile apps for enterprise, and that security is dependent on having a reliable and secure authentication system. This is where AnyAuth comes into play. AnyAuth allows enterprise app developers to use their preferred login mechanism to authenticate users.

Here’s how the process works conceptually:


Authentication without AnyAuth


Authentication with AnyAuth

built.io already made it easy to authenticate via Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as well as enterprise social networks like tibbr, Chatter and Socialcast. AnyAuth takes this a step further by providing a generic identity federation layer and authentication API for all your mobile applications.

AnyAuth allows developers to easily authenticate using any 3rd party system, irrespective of security protocol (e.g. OAuth, SAML, WS-Trust), and integrate their apps with a company’s corporate directory, regardless of the product used (e.g. LDAP directory, Microsoft Active Directory). From a development perspective, finding, creating, and logging in a user is one single API call, which simplifies development and enables a faster login experience for the user.

For more technical details on how AnyAuth works, please refer to the documentation.

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