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New Year, New Us! Introducing A New UI, Improvements To Workflows And More


The New Year is just around the corner so we’re getting a head start to step into 2017 with a bang. New to Built.io Flow is a brand new user interface, packed with powerful new features. Here’s a look at what’s new in this update.

Brand New Look

We’ve redesigned the Built.io Flow Enterprise UI with ease of use in mind. We’ve also added a clean, vibrant look for an overall beautiful experience. Get a sneak peek in our overview video here.

Debug Panel

Get the execution details of your workflow in realtime. Open the debug panel at the bottom of the page to view the details of your workflow actions, such as execution time, input-output, error logs, and so on.


Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your Built.io Flow Enterprise account. You can now enable two-factor authentication that turns your mobile phone into an authentication device, thereby protecting your data from intruders.


Improved Canvas Page

We’ve added a lot of great features to improve your workflow.

Copy-Paste: Replicate action(s) with just a mouse click

You can now copy-paste one or more actions on your canvas. Just select the action(s) you wish to copy, and use right click to copy and paste it into another part of your workflow.


Detach: Detach link and re-attach it to another action.

Gone are the days when you had to delete the link connecting two actions to make changes to your workflows. You can now simply detach the link between two actions and re-attach it immediately to another action.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Boost your productivity by using newly introduced keyboard shortcuts. You can use the shortcuts to traverse your workflow or perform a number of operations on your canvas at lightning speed.


We’d love to hear what other features you’d like us to add and which services you think we should integrate with. Leave us a comment below.

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