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Internet of Things Lunch & Learn


Last week, Built.io’s CEO, Neha Sampat, spoke about the Internet of Things at the BDO Offices in San Francisco during an exclusive Lunch and Learn Panel: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Why the Internet of Things looms large in the future of your business.”

Connected things are beginning to perform tasks that previously would have taken considerable time and manual effort. This new found convenience is beginning to provide people with more freedom to spend their time doing what matters.

A pertinent example brought up during the panel is the incorporation of the Internet of Things in car maintenance. If a sensor in your car can let the dealer know when your car needs maintenance, then the dealer can call you to make an appointment, allowing you to focus on other tasks. As Amie Gray, CEO and Founder of N³ Innovation, said, “I don’t even know how many miles I have on my car anymore – because I don’t need to.”

When considering adopting an Internet of Things strategy as a company, according to Gray, key questions to ask are, “If I were to connect two things, what could I do better compared to what I’m doing now and how I am doing it? And from a business perspective – what could I do that my competitors aren’t doing?”

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As the Internet of Things trend continues to grow, we’re excited to see how connected strategies are applied and what kind of problems they will solve. We are especially looking forward to the Connected Cars panel that Neha Sampat will be participating in at the AppNation IoT Influencers Summit in Santa Clara at Levi’s Stadium tomorrow at 10:55AM.

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