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How To Work With Built.io?


You are on Built.io blog, hence we assume you know who we are and what we do. If you are still in the initial stages of getting to know us, then here is a quick intro for you:

Built.io is an integration platform which helps you to automate tasks by letting you connect cloud-based and on-prem apps. For example, you can connect Twitter to Gmail and automatically have an email sent to a specific email id whenever a new Tweet is sent. How does it help you? 

With Built.io workflow automation, any individual can automate processes without expert help. When it comes to employees, it saves them ‘n’ number of hours spent on repeated, manual tasks. It also reduces human error and increases productivity. Speaking of the enterprises, it helps them increase their profits as the efficiency of their manpower improves. 

If you want to try out the product yourself, try it out for FREE now. 

Let us now move towards understanding how to work with Built.io? 

First, define your objectives and goals. Plan your workflow accordingly. Do not simply connect the apps. How do you do that? 

  1. Break down the objectives and goals as per the departments.
  2. Understand their needs. Every department has different requirements.
  3. Define the end result.
  4. Discuss with the team if that is what you are looking for.

Once your objectives and goals are defined, it will be simple for you to understand which apps you need and designing which workflow will fulfill your motive. Before sitting down to design a workflow, you can also have a look at the Library for ready-to-use integrations. If the workflows available in the library serve the purpose then all you need to do is download them. 

Now that you know what needs to be done before you take up setting up workflow automation, here’s a quick look at setting up a workflow. Suppose, you want to make a note in Evernote for every new tweet, then you have to select ‘Twitter’ as your Trigger and ‘Create Note’ in Evernote as Action. 

Here’s the process:

First, set up the Trigger:

1) Double click on the Play icon

2) Search Twitter

3) Select Twitter

4) The following screen will appear:


5) In ‘Select Trigger’ field, choose ‘New Tweet or Retweet Posted by Me’

6) Authorize Twitter by clicking on ‘Please Select’ in the ‘Authorize Twitter’ field

7) Once done, click on ‘Save’ 

Second, set up the Action: 

1) From the Actions panel, select Evernote > Create Note

2) Drag it in between in the trigger and top button and connect all the icons like this - 


3) Now authorize action just like you authorized trigger

4) Once done, click on ‘Save’ 

Whenever a new tweet is sent, the workflow will trigger and create a new note in Evernote. Depending on your requirements, you can create more complex workflows like download an attachment and upload it to Dropbox then share it with another user via Gmail or Cisco Webex Teams. 

You can also learn more about how to create your first workflow by reading our documentation

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