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How To Leverage Integration And Automation As A Sales Engineer


If you’re a sales engineer, you’re busy balancing a number of tasks like helping your Account Executives (AEs) build a proof of value, supporting your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) in their qualification processes, and occasionally acting as an in-house IT guy or gal to your co-workers since you’re semi-technical.

In this post I’ll cover how you can optimize your job by leveraging integration and automation with Built.io Flow.

Supercharge Your Demos

Leverage integration to make wowing prospects easier.

Customize demos - Instead of talking through a slide deck or a canned demo, tailor your pitch and demo to your prospect’s exact scenario on the fly using our drag and drop interface. Swap out services or show connections in real-time.

Prove value - Seeing is believing, so show your prospects your product in action in their specific use case without spending the development time to create a POC. More often than not, this requires integration. This way you can quickly move past the “will it work with ___?” question.

Connect Your Business Stack

Streamline and optimize your stack by integrating all of your tools together.

Better customer service - Never let a lead slip through the cracks. Automate long tail customer engagements and leverage your data sources to tailor sequences to your leads specific needs and interests.

Analytics - Unify all of your meaningful data into actionable information. Once you connect all of your services, you gain insight into your funnel and granular information about how your leads interact with your website, product, and sales team.

Reporting - Automatically generate your reports so you don’t have to spend hours digging through notes and systems to produce your daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Agility - Deploy your services at the speed of business. Instead of spending months relying on a services integration team, build robust integrations between your systems that are tailored to your needs. You can adapt and react to changes in the marketplace or business processes in hours and days instead of months.

Connect Your Company’s Systems

Help connect all the departments within your organization.

Unifying teams - Help keep sales, marketing, dev, customer success, and finance teams in sync by connecting systems to pass data from various services through integration.

Keep your favorite tools - Devs like Trello but Marketing likes Asana but you still need to file a ticket? Leveraging Built.io Flow and a system like Cisco Spark or Slack makes it ok for each team to use their own tools while still unifying data.

In my next post I’ll share some our most popular sales-centric templates.

Want to learn more? Read the Cisco Case Study and get a free Built.io Flow trial.

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