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It's been 6 months since we announced built.io and we've come a long way. built.io has garnered some serious attention in the news and gained significant awards; we are thrilled for the next stage.

We've been growing alongside built.io and increasing our ranks. We're growing in number and raw power (pun intended). Now that we have our dream team assembled, we can take the torch and run with it.

Winning the Best Mobile App award at Silicon India was exciting, but that was only the beginning. built.io won the first ever #WinDemoMobile competition, run by Fandrop and DEMO Mobile, which confirmed that our fans are dedicated and excited to promote built.io as the backend of the future. Our followers on social networks tweeted, retweeted, and shared our video pitch to the top!

built.io was featured in VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, readwrite, CITEWorld, and NetworkWorld.

With awards and accolades from top conferences and competitions, we feel it's time to turn up the heat.

We're excited to say that we have opened up our beta to all applicants. And we have lots of exciting news coming up!

Look out for us at Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the TIBCO User Conference (TUCON)! We'll be the ones kicking ass.

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