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Here’s Why your Digital Transformation Efforts are Failing


Digital Transformation isn’t a buzzword, it’s the need of the hour. I would like to quote Aaron Levie, CEO of Box here:

“The last years of it have been about changing the way people work. The next ten years of it will be about transforming your business.”

The way people were working and organizations were functioning has massively changed in the past few years, and as rightly said by Mr. Aaron Levie, now is the time to transform your business. And this is what Digital Transformation is all about. 

Understanding the importance of adopting latest technologies and moulding the company culture accordingly, enterprises are increasingly moving towards making themselves digital-friendly. Having said that, simply deciding to go digital doesn’t bring in successful digital transformation.

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According to McKinsey, 70% of transformation programs fail. Why? What might be the reason behind it? Is it because digital transformation is still a new concept for businesses? Or is it because enterprises are implementing it without chalking out an effective strategy? Let us have a look at why digital transformations are drastically failing?

The key reason behind the failure of digital transformation is lack of understanding which then results into a weak strategy. As mentioned in the CIO article, ‘the CIO may view digital as a way to drive operational efficiency, while the CMO may see digital as the answer to boosting customer engagement.’ Whereas the right and effective strategy would be a combination of both. 

Speaking about the participation of employees, again, it is important to educate every individual involved in the process of transformation for them to willingly coordinate, cooperate, and adjust to the changes happening for the betterment of the organization as well as their own. It’s a misconception that technology replaces human beings. Make sure your employees know that they will be trained to implement the technology, not fired to hire the new advancements. 

The ability to stick to the change is another major reason why digital transformation fails. The leaders who are too comfortable with the traditional ways of doing things may implement new ways but may not follow them religiously. Reason? It demands stepping out of the comfort zone. 

You can lay the foundation to a solid and successful digital transformation by introducing workflow automation to your organization. It doesn’t demand your work force to step out of their comfort zone. It, in fact reduces their stress by reducing the amount of time put into accomplishing repetitive tasks on a daily basis. Try it out for FREE

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