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Here Is How Organizations Can Adapt To the Changing World of Business


The world’s first computer was launched in 1946 and the smartphone was introduced in 1992. Since then, technology has only been growing smarter. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without it. Technology is transforming societies, economies, and the very core of how organizations do business. By 2020, worldwide internet users will grow to 4.1 billion and the number of connected devices will jump to 30.7 billion.

To stay relevant in today’s dynamic business environment, in addition to being connected with employees, customers, and shareholders, you must be aware of globally emerging trends. Technology cannot be ignored. Embracing new technologies and innovations with open arms can help you evade the risk of going out of business and drive success in your organization.

Often, a majority of organizations begin adopting technology at a rapid pace but achieve little to no success in accomplishing the desired outcomes. One of the most common reasons for this remains a lack of ability to adapt to change. A lot of enterprises fall behind in getting their teams to adopt and use the new technologies to their best ability.

So what steps can you take to ensure that all your teams get the maximum leverage out of the changes you are introducing?

Get your basics right

There is nothing more confusing and irksome for an employee than changing their style of working without proper reasoning. If the purpose of a new app, software or technology is not clear, it will pose a problem to your teams.

Prior to any implementation, it is important to consider this: How will the new technology support the company’s goals? Will it cause major changes to the current infrastructure and processes? How long will it take to be fully implemented and adopted?

Once you come up with the answers to these questions, you will be much closer to encouraging your employees in willingly embracing the changes ahead of them.

Introducing enterprise-wide automation

Change cannot be triggered by a simple on-off switch. To implement new systems and merge the digital with the physical, you need support and input from multiple teams and applications. The key areas that must be considered when transitioning from traditional to digital workplaces are the communication tools, productivity tools and the business tools used by every team in your organization. The ultimate goal must be to tie all these elements together in a way that it empowers the workforce by making them more productive.

Automation software can help here. It can optimize every business process and task, without requiring any manual intervention. In recent years, automation has become increasingly prevalent. It offers enterprises the ability to connect different platforms, devices, and applications to create a homogenous view of all business data, allowing them to gain actionable insights and make better decisions.

Automation has the power to revolutionize the way people work. It helps teams become more productive and customer-focused by inculcating a ‘digital-first’ mindset. With interconnected devices, employees can have 24/7 access to applications and associated data. They are free to decide where and when they want to work and be productive on their own terms, giving rise to a more collaborative and flexible working environment. This greatly simplifies and enhances the work experience for all teams, making them more open to technological changes. In essence, automation lies at the heart of every digital transformation journey.

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