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Happy IoT Day from the built.io Team


This year the built.io team is celebrating Internet of Things Day, and we’re very proud to be playing a role in this space. From our first drone script all the way to the launch of built.io Flow this year, we’re digging in deeper to the Internet of APIs, the fabric enabling the Internet of Things.

To celebrate IoT Day, we’re going to give you a sneak peak into what our vision for the future looks like. Much like the internet and the http protocol, API orchestration and automation will be the connector of this web of connected things or devices. From your coffee pot to your a piece of high-tech industrial hardware, everything will have an API.

These APIs will need a central tool to connect them to one another in a meaningful and useful way. built.io Flow allows you to do just that; connect and automate API workflows to make the Internet of Things work for you or your business. That connected coffee pot is great, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could start the coffee machine when you hit your snooze button the second time? We think so!

In celebration of IoT Day, tweet at @builtio your vision for the future of the Internet of APIs and Internet of Things with the hashtag #IoTDay and #IoA.

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