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Google Integrations: Actions You Should Be Familiar With For Quick Automations


Google is one of the most popular cloud-based services among individuals and enterprises. Considering how widely these services are used, we have created Google connectors to simplify your daily tasks:

1) Gmail

Under Gmail connector, you can find a number of actions which can be linked to other triggers and actions as per your convenience to create a workflow. Here is the list:

i) Archive an Email,

ii) Create Draft,

iii) Download Attachment,

iv) Get Mail Details, etc

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2) Google Analytics

With increasing popularity of digital marketing, Google Analytics has become a must for enterprises. Measuring results is the only way forward. To simplify these daily measurement tasks, we have created a list of Google Analytics actions. Here they are:

i) Create a web property - Adwords Link,

ii) Delete a web property - Adwords Link,

iii) Get web property,

iv) Get a web property - Adwords Link, etc

3) Google Calendar

Entrepreneurs are constantly in need of an app or software which will act as their personal assistant or remind them about their appointments and events. Understanding the growing need of businessmen, Google introduced Google Calendar which now acts as a cloud-based diary. Here is the list of actions that will help you automate the Google Calendar tasks:

i) Create a Calendar Event,

ii) Get List of Events, and

iii) Update Calendar Event

4) Google Contacts

If your contacts are on Google, congratulations! Linking them with other required services and managing them has never been this easier before. Here is the list of our Google Contacts actions:

i) Add New Contact,

ii) Get Contact Details, and 

iii) Get Contacts

5) Google Drive

Do you store your data on Google Drive? Have you ever wanted to move your data to or from the drive? Our list of Drive actions make it easy for you. Here is the list:

i) Download File,

ii) Export File,

iii) Get Files and Folders,

iv) Get Resource Metadata,

iv) Upload File, etc.

6) Google Places

By using Google Places, you can easily link the following action to triggers and other actions to simply your task. Here is the action:

i) Search Places

7) Google Sheets

Do you manage your data on Google’s cloud based excel, Sheets? If yes, then transferring data to and fro from Sheets is now easier. Here is the list of actions we have for you:

i) Add Multiple Rows,

ii) Add Row,

iii) Create Sheets,

iv) Create Spreadsheets,

v) Get Rows, 

vi) Update Rows, etc

8) Google Tasks

Has your to-do list moved to the cloud? Did you ever find managing it to be a tedious task? Have you ever had to manually copy paste or write down your to-do list somewhere else? If yes, then this is not going to be a concern anymore. Here is the list of actions for you:

i) Create New Task,

ii) Get Task Details,

iii) Get Task List,

iv) Update Task, etc. 

9) Google Translator

Under Google Translator, we have the following action:

i) Translate Text

If you think these actions can ease your burden but are clueless where and how to start, jump to our Library for some ready-to-use integrations, or read our documentation to gain in-depth knowledge about the product. 

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