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Happy New Year!! This year, let us make your life a little (or a lot!) easier with Built.io Flow. We just launched a host of new activities that allow you to automate routine tasks and connect your most valuable systems. Here are the highlights of this week’s launch:

Mixpanel: Mobile analytics at your fingertips. The new activities allow you to create/delete annotations and fetch data on events, funnels, and annotations. Read our documentation on Mixpanel.  

Pinterest: Ever wish you could automatically pin images from Dropbox to Pinterest? Well, with Built.io Flow, now that’s a walk in the park. The new Pinterest activities allow you to create/search/delete boards and pins, get board and user data and push this data to other applications. Learn more here.

Zendesk: Managing your favorite customer support software just got easier with Zendesk activities that allow you to quickly create/delete users, organizations, tickets, or sync your Zendesk data with any web application. Read more about how Zendesk activities work.

Chargify: Make money while you sleep! We are introducing activities that automate subscription management and recurring billing. Get started with the Chargify integration now.

Other services launched this week include Pusher and Tropo. Start using all of these services right away in Built.io Flow.

IP Whitelists for Built.io Flow

Built.io Flow connects with most third-party services easily and instantly. However, in some cases, you may need our servers to access resources that lie behind a protective firewall. We now have specific IP addresses set aside for whitelisting purposes in Built.io Flow; learn more in our documentation.

We’d love to hear from you what other integrations you’d like us to add! Leave a comment below or send us an email at: support-flow@built.io.

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