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From BaaS to PaaS: Announcing a full container to power your app


When smartphones entered the scene, things changed forever with 24/7 connectivity and a full featured computer in your pocket. However, this revolution wasn’t reflected on the software development side. Until recently, if you wanted to build an app, you’d spend the first few months just building your infrastructure, and you hadn’t even started building the frontend to your mobile app.

With built.io, we take care of all the backend work for you. Today, we’re excited to announce a significant update to built.io: we’ve rearchitected Cloud Extensions to give you a full-featured code container for JavaScript.

What does this mean for you? Now, you can run any server side code developed in Node.js with the development framework of your choice. There’s no need to follow an approved structure. Any JavaScript code can run on Cloud Extensions without customizations.

We’re excited to go beyond just providing a backend to giving developers a full-fledged platform with which to innovate. Want to get a taste of what you can do in a couple of hours? We’ve got a couple exciting events for you tomorrow:

  1. Bootcamp: Build your first mobile-web-app in 90 minutes using HTML5, JavaScript, and built.io – Our CTO, Nishant Patel, and our team will teach you how to leverage built.io and other development frameworks to jumpstart your app development. At the end of this session, you’ll have a working app to show your friends. Join us at 10:30am tomorrow in Workshop Room 1.
  1. The Future of the Internet of Things – Join us for beer, wine, margaritas and hosted appetizers to discuss where the Internet of Things is headed. This event is open to all. Please RSVP for food and drink count. Join us at 6pm at Tres at 130 Townsend. Show up early for the hosted bar!

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