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fandrop and Founder's Network Come Together to Promote Innovation


UPDATE: Retweets count for 10 points, too.  Thanks to your voting, as of 12:00AM PDT May 23rd, built.io has made it into the top ten.  Let's keep up the momentum!

built.io is competing in #fndemo, a competition put on by fandrop and The Founder's Network!

Each unique view gives built.io 1 point, and each tweet from the fandrop page means 10 points. Voting ends on Friday, May 24 at 12pm PDT, so click on the following link and tweet from the page to support built.io:


We are excited to be considered along with such accomplished founders and wish everyone luck in the competition!

The Founder's Network:

Founders Network is a peer mentorship organization of more than 350 tech startup “founders helping founders” whose members help each other efficiently solve startup problems through a private member site and in-person meetings.

These members of the Founder's Network have agreed to compete, but the winner gets promoted by the members of the network using their respective social media channels. Collaboration and competition are the backbone of success, and #fndemo has tapped into that.

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