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Early Access to built.io Flow and the Enablement of the Internet of APIs


The Internet of APIs

The Internet of APIs is here. It’s bigger than the Internet of Things (IoT) because it includes:

  • Physically connected endpoints: the sensors, devices, ‘Things”.
  • Connected “Systems” and “Services”.
  • Integration in the cloud of all of the above.
  • Workflows, automation and orchestration made possible by this integration.

The Internet of APIs will be the way businesses realizes the value of IoT.

Just like mobile, the Internet of APIs is poised to change every aspect of the way we live and the way we do business forever.

To learn more about the Internet of APIs, get the white paper.


built.io Flow

Welcome to a new era of connectedness. Where every sensor, every device, every system and every service interacts in a way that creates business value. built.io Flow will allow users to manage data orchestration for the Internet of APIs.

Early Access Program

Be first in line when we unveil the the award-winning platform of the future that allows businesses to take advantage of boundless opportunity enabled by the Internet of APIs (IoA). Sign up now for early access to the developer tools that orchestrate sophisticated IoA workflows never before possible and get a head start on monetizing your own revolutionary IoA use cases.

Visit the built.io flow Early Access page to start orchestrating API flows as soon as 2015.

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