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Don’t lose that personal touch; automate customer support the right way


Automating customer support isn’t about replacing human staff with chatbots or AI-enabled voice support to minimize human-to-human interaction. Chatbots are not able to accurately  predict, perceive, and respond to customer as a human do; when a bot replaces humans, customers know the difference. 

When a customer reaches out, they want to interact with a human and have their problem resolved without notifications saying that, “We have received your request”. So, instead of using automated responses and bots, automate the tasks that allow your agents to be more efficient and effective.

Here are a few tasks that can be automated to improve your customer support process:

1. Monitor your sites and in-app activities 24x7 to flag any issues

2. Assign an issue to the relevant support personnel and track its status

3. Notify customers about the status of the issue via SMS or call

4. Send automated SMS and calls to high priority accounts about upcoming events

While these tasks can be done using popular customer-support web apps (such as Nexmo), you can automate them by integrating support and customer success tools with your system through a cloud integration platform, such as Built.io Flow.

How ‘Built.io Flow - Nexmo’ integrations can automate vital customer support process tasks for you

Nexmo is a leading customer service platform, with APIs for voice and message-based customer support. Built.io Flow offers Nexmo integrations to help you automate your customer support process with easily configurable actions and triggers, and ready-to-use workflows. You can integrate Nexmo with any of the 190+ applications provided by Built.io Flow and create customized workflows. 

To help you get started, here are some ready-to-use Nexmo integrations that you can import from our library, and start automating your customer support process right away!

Popular Nexmo integrations for customer support automation

1. Create tickets in Zendesk for every incoming support SMS and add the ticket details to Salesforce 

Automate the process of adding tickets. Create tickets in Zendesk without any human intervention whenever you receive a request from customer via SMS, and add the ticket details to the customer’s Salesforce records. 

Send Slack notifications, create a Zendesk ticket, send SMS via Nexmo, and update your Salesforce record for every new incoming SMS

2. Prioritize tickets raised by Salesforce leads and notify the assigned agent using Nexmo

This integration automatically sets the priority of tickets raised by your Salesforce leads to ‘Urgent’ and sends an outbound call to the assigned agent notifying about the ticket details. This helps you resolve important tickets faster and better. 

Make a call to agent via Nexmo and send Slack notification for new Zendesk ticket

3. Automatically send text message to a customer via Nexmo when a Zendesk ticket is closed

Use this integration to automatically send an SMS notification via Nexmo to a customer as soon as the Zendesk ticket is closed.

Send an SMS to customer using Nexmo when the status of Zendesk ticket changes to 'Closed'

Check out the rest of the Nexmo SMS and Nexmo Voice integrations or visit our integrations library to connect your favourite web apps with Built.io Flow.

If you have any questions or need help with your integration, send us a message at support-flow@built.io.

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