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Do More in Less Time with the Latest Built.io Flow Features


At Built.io, we are committed to constantly improving our product and helping you boost productivity in the process. Today, we are happy to announce two new features that will save your time on simple—but required—tasks so that you can focus on critical ones.

Here are the highlights of this week’s release:

Clone Projects in a Matter of Seconds

You can now create a duplicate of any project—and the workflows associated with it—with a single mouse click. This eliminates the need to manually copy multiple workflows from one project to another.


All of the workflows are inactive by default. Just re-activate and re-authorize the workflows, and start using them as you would normally do. 

Learn more about cloning projects.

Faster Payments with Autofilled Credit Cards Details

Experience smoother payment transactions with the newly introduced autofill feature for credit cards.


Now, whenever you purchase a new plan for your organization or upgrade an existing one, your credit card details will be saved securely on the Built.io platform. On all your subsequent transactions, these details will be autofilled in the payment page, ensuring a smoother and quicker process.

Give these features a try and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, drop us a line at support-flow@built.io.

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