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Connected Car Developer Panel at AppNation IoT Influencers Summit


Yesterday, Built.io’s CEO, Neha Sampat, spoke on the connected cars panel at AppNation IoT Influencers Summit. The discussion on connected cars is becoming more prominent, and, as policies are being created, it’s interesting to explore possibilities and points-of-view when it comes to implementation of this new technology.

One of the challenges in building connected cars is making sure that they can all talk to each other. Ideally, a car from Ford should be able to communicate with all other cars on road, whether they are from Ford, or another car manufacturer.

When it comes to apps, the car is no different from the phone, but with the additional requirement that applications have to be safe and easy for the driver to use inside a vehicle. But it’s not just the confines of the vehicle that matter. As Neha Sampat said on the panel this week, “Forget about the car itself. Once it has an internet heartbeat and connects to your home, your smartphone, your city – you are no longer limited by the physical car.” It’s not about the connected car, “it’s about the life of a connected individual.”

The connected car poses a unique set of challenges, with safety being one of the key factors in implementation. Jon Potter of the Application Developers Alliance said, “You should be promoting autonomous vehicles. Odds are it’s going to be safer.” John Ellis, of Ellis & Associates added that, “If we had as many accidents with airlines as we do with cars today, there would be no more air travel.” However, with autonomous cars there are other issues. For example, if you don’t understand your self-driving car, how do you jump in to control a car if an issue does arise?


The key with the connected car is to provide an experience that is intuitive and safe for the user while tapping into the power of all the relevant connected infrastructure, services and data around it. As policies and standards for connected vehicles are decided on, it will be interesting to see where the industry and technology go.

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