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Compare Versions Feature Now Available in Built.io Contentstack


Recently, Built.io announced that its mobile-optimized content management system (CMS) for enterprise, Built.io Contentstack, now offers a Compare Versions feature. Powerful and easy to use, this new feature lets users compare different versions of the same page side by side. With just one click, it is now possible to view committed changes by authorized content editors, observe how content has evolved over time or simply revert a page back to its last saved state if something is posted by mistake.

Since enterprise companies typically have complex content management workflows, the ability to compare versions when multiple employees are contributing to the same project is indispensable.

Using the new feature is as simple as using the product itself:

  1. When editing an entry, click this button to open the Compare Versions screen:

  2. On the Compare Versions screen, choose the versions for comparison from the drop down menu:

  3. Click this button to open a version in the editable mode:

  4. Added items and text are shown in green in the new version. Deleted items are shown in red for single fields and gray for multiple ones. Reordered items are also highlighted.


Simplify your content management even further with Built.io Contentstack’s new Compare Versions feature! For more information on how to use this feature, please view the in-product tutorial within Built.io Contentstack. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact 24/7 dedicated support@contentstack.io.

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