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Celebrating the "Internet of APIs" on the 25th Anniversary of the Web


official; the internet is almost everywhere. Organizations like Internet.org and Project Loon are delivering on the promise that everything, everywhere can be Internet-enabled. With the rise of mobile, and the move into apps for everything, the day when everything is connected is not far off.

Our CTO, Nishant Patel, sat on a DeveloperWeek panel about the Internet of Things and was asked, "what do we call this thing?"

His answer: The Internet of APIs.


 Nishant introduces the term "Internet of APIs" at DeveloperWeek SF 2014

This term is new, but the idea has long existed. The Internet is about connecting; the more we use it, the more things we want to connect to it. APIs are those connections. In fact, today marks the 25th anniversary of the world wide web, founded on a vision to connect “any type of information, on any device, with any software, in any language.”

The built.io team from raw engineering hosted a “Future of the Internet of Things” event at DeveloperWeek in San Francisco, where we discussed how multi-platform development using a backend & platform is a precursor to a platform for everything. Where there are connected things, there is disparate data. A platform like built.io allows this data to be transformed from disparate to connected, allowing “things” to interact. Today, we’re using built.io, the “no bullshit” platform to build apps for Parrot Drones, Google Glass, and an array of other exciting new devices that now have the ability to connect. During the event we flew a Parrot Drone using these APIs to show that if this is possible, a whole world of things is possible.


Here's a video of it wandering our office:

Wendy Toth, CMO of Echelon, joined us to speak about the Industrial Internet of Things, highlighting how industry leaders like Echelon have started to expose APIs and tools to the developer ("maker") community, powering this trend, which enables connections between things like energy grids, transportation systems, and factory controls -- all without human intervention.


Wendy Toth, CMO of Echelon 

BrewBot, an Ireland based company is brewing beer through APIs. In fact, there’s an iPhone app the allows users to choose specifications and start the brew process. Maybe for our next event, the internet will be our bartender, though the Margaritas at Tres were equally refreshing.


At Mobile World Congress, we saw nothing short of awe and exuberance when we donned our Google Glass and conducted a demo of our flying reporter drone, which flew above the crowds and did flips in the air (Ole!) while capturing still images and automatically sending them to a built.io-powered database.


These simple demos are just the beginning. As more real-world use cases emerge, the same BYOD trend we see with mobile devices and tablets will come into play. The ability to provide workers with hands-free to access information quickly, document work, and track location will drive demand. Our mission is to provide the perfect backend solution to ensure that "Internet of APIs" use cases for the enterprise are backed by app scalability, security and integration.

Until then, our team will be exploring & evaluating all the latest gadgets :)


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