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Bursting the Common iPaaS Misconceptions


With innovation comes doubts, which often turn into misconceptions when not resolved. iPaaS, being a relatively new technology, is surrounded by doubts which have now become misconceptions. 

Today, we will burst some of the common misconceptions that have been surrounding iPaaS from quite some time now:

1) Myth: iPaaS integrates only cloud-based apps

   Fact: iPaaS is versatile

iPaaS is hosted on cloud is true but it integrates only cloud-based applications is not. iPaaS connects on-prem to cloud and also cloud-based systems to on-premises. In fact, one of the key reasons why this technology became an instant favorite among enterprises is its versatility. 

2) Myth: VPN is required to access iPaaS

    Fact: VPN is required only if you choose to add this extra layer of security to iPaaS

iPaaS is an integration software which allows you to connect applications for a smooth and flawless flow of data. A VPN is not its requirement. Having said that, VPN is used by companies to add an extra layer of security. 

3) Myth: iPaaS is time-consuming

    Fact: iPaaS is time-saving

This is one of the most common misconceptions about iPaaS. Let us first understand what does iPaaS do. According to TechTarget

“Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a set of automated tools for connecting software applications that are deployed in different environments. iPaaS is often used by large business-to-business (B2B) enterprises that need to integrate on-premises applications and data with cloud applications and data.”

When you invest in an iPaaS platform, you get ready-to-use integrations along with the flexibility to build customized integrations. And once the workflow is set, it automatically runs every time the workflow is triggered. It, in fact, saves a number of hours daily which were earlier spent on manual tasks.

4) Myth: iPaaS and ETL are not different

    Fact: iPaaS and ETL are not the same

iPaaS is much more than ETL. It can not just extract, transform, and load data into another system but can also connect different applications, fetch the data from multiple sources, and transfer it to the desired individual or another system.

Now that the common iPaaS myths are burst, you must sign up and try our FREE INDIVIDUAL PLAN

Why use Built.io iPaaS? Because…

a) It helps you connect apps, devices, and on-premise systems to automate business processes using an intuitive, smart user interface. 

b) It helps you build integrations that drive digital transformation in your organization.

c) It provides a combination of capabilities offered by ESBs, data integration systems, API management tools, and B2B gateways.

d) It helps you scale your business without any upfront cost by allowing you to create integrations on the cloud, maintaining the highest level of security and reliability.

Built.io is also a hybrid iPaaS which allows enterprises to integrate any combination of cloud-based and on-prem apps, enabling them to unlock business potential, shorten time to market and foster innovation.

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