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Built.io Flow announces powerful new features


We have been hard at work building new features that make it even easier to build, test, and collaborate on your workflows. Here’s a quick look at some of the new features:

Test Triggers and Actions

You can now test triggers and actions at each step of your workflow. This means you don’t have to wait for your workflow to trigger or rely on mock data to build your integrations. With live data, you see exactly how your data will work at each step in the workflow.


When you set up an action, the test feature will fetch data from your account instantly. Now, instead of seeing just the field names, you will see the actual data output from each service. This helps you build your workflows faster, test more efficiently, and spend less time debugging.

Learn more about testing triggers and actions.

Collaborate easily with ‘Presence’

Collaborating on a workflow just got easier with Presence.


You can now access organizational workflows in two modes —Edit or View. The Edit mode lets you modify the workflow, while the View mode lets you view workflow settings. When multiple users are accessing the same workflow, you get to see the current collaborators. If the editor of the workflow exits the workflow canvas, the other users get a notification allowing them to edit the workflow. Learn more here.

Versioning and Rollback

Have you lost valuable work because you weren’t able to easily switch between versions of your work? Building integration workflows is no different. You can now view and retrieve previous versions of your workflow with Versioning.


Whenever a workflow is saved, a new version is created, and is added to the list of existing versions. You can then view, restore, and modify any version with a click. Now, you can use your best workflow without having to recreate it or waste time searching endlessly. Learn more about Versioning.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms means that actions can now dynamically render your custom fields. For example, in Google Sheets, Built.io Flow can now fetch all column headers of the sheet and display them as input fields in the action. Even better – you can now easily apply actions to custom fields and forms in business apps such as Salesforce, Marketo, etc. Now there’s no difference between “custom” and “standard" fields. Your integrations are all just “you.” Learn more here.


Try out these new features and let us know what you think. For any assistance or help, drop us a line at support-flow@built.io.

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