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Built.io Speaks About API Strategies for Connected Spaces at API Days in San Francisco


Yesterday, at Parisoma in San Francisco, hundreds congregated to learn more about and discuss the idea of connected spaces and the Internet of Things.

The Built.io keynote, titled “API Strategy for Connected Spaces”, was based on the notion that the Internet of Things is really made possible by the Internet of APIs. The audience consisted of both developers and business leaders who shared a passion for APIs and were extremely engaged, especially when our Developer Evangelist Kurt Collins shared real-world use cases spanning connected campuses, connected venues and connected cities.

Now, more than ever, every developer needs to be adept at connecting apps, data, systems through APIs in order to orchestrate workflows and create new experiences that make connected spaces both possible and useful. Built.io’s contribution and mission is to provide the tools and technology that allow any developer to instantly become an integration expert and contribute to the coming wave of innovation.


Built.io Flow makes it possible to connect systems through APIs via a drag-and-drop interface. This talk highlighted some of the use cases that Built.io Flow enables and how they can create real business value.

Internet of APIs is an emerging concept we’re sure to hear more about as small and large companies alike begin to see the value in expanding their digital presence to include wearables, connected spaces, and more. Business is ready for mainstream adoption and already pioneering some exciting IoT use cases that we’re looking forward to being a part of.

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