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Built.io Sparks Excitement at Cisco Collaboration Summit


Today, Cisco unveiled its new Spark API at the annual Cisco Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. Spark is a collaboration platform that allows teams to leverage the newly released Spark APIs to build, expand, and customize their communication system.

Together with Cisco, Built.io created the event’s marquee demo for conference attendees to experience the power of the Cisco Spark APIs up close.


Built.io Flow makes the Cisco APIs relevant and meaningful for business users and developers alike. In other words, you don’t actually need to be a developer to use the Cisco Spark APIs. In fact, a key requirement for this event was to allow a non-technical executive to walk up, create a workflow and experience the power of the Cisco Spark APIs – all in under 60 seconds. With Built.io Flow, you can now connect Spark to all the other apps you use in a matter of minutes and automate recurring tasks to make your everyday life and work more efficient.


Built.io Flow was also selected as the technology partner for Cisco’s Build-an-App competition at the event. Attendees were able to participate in Cisco’s Build-an-App competition to unlock the potential of Cisco Spark by easily integrating it into your business operations using Built.io Flow!

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