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Built.io Named Hirepalooza Culture Award Winner for Best Innovation Program


We’re honored to announce that earlier this week, in San Francisco, the Built.io team was awarded the Hirepalooza Culture Award for Best Innovation Program. We want to thank everyone who voted for Built.io, and all Built.io employees who work tirelessly to create and maintain an innovative and open-minded environment, which made this award possible.


This award acknowledges companies that promote and produce constant innovation through a dedicated program. We are honored to have contended with many esteemed companies, including Netflix, Yelp, and AlchemyAPI.


Neha Sampat, CEO of Built.io, attributes the rapid rate of innovation at Built.io to an openess to new projects and incentivizing employees to try new things: “At Built.io, we have developer discussions with our leadership team on a weekly basis as an opportunity for employees to talk about new tools and technologies. This open culture of collaborative exploration creates a constant flow of ideas.”

We are excited to continue innovating, and are very grateful for this recognition.

From all of us here at Built.io – THANK YOU!

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