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built.io Goes to Berkeley


Ken Singer's Mobile App Development class at UC Berkeley welcomed the built.io team into their space, the SkyDeck Incubator-Accelerator, which overlooks UC Berkeley campus and the Bay; an eye on education and an eye on the market.

This class, and this space, exemplify the bridge between what we have and what we need, and gives us fresh perspective: brilliant minds facing toward the future with a background in real, critical thought and collaborative teamwork.

Each team of app creators, comprised of students with varied interests: software engineering, marketing, finance, sociology, etc., are entered into Applied Innovation's University Mobile Challenge.


Yesterday, we entered a classroom full of ideas and presented built.io as the way to get from idea to full-featured application. The students were as excited to use a new tool, as we are to see everything they will build with it.  Each mobile app team is chomping at the bit to get started building their apps using built.io as a backend toolkit. A trip to Barcelona and a chance to win University Mobile Challenge in February are exciting, but the opportunity to learn from each other and build something truly innovative is what will drive a successful project.

The built.io team is excited to work with UC Berkeley and Applied Innovation to provide students with comprehensive support and guidance, as well as access to a built.io account for each student and professor, for the duration of the competition.

built.io is rapidly becoming the backend for everything and we are thrilled that it is now, the backend for education.

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