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Built.io Flow Enterprise: Introducing The Debug Panel For Workflow Execution Details At A Glance


Today, we are happy to announce an exciting developer feature for Built.io Flow Enterprise – the 'Debug Panel'. The Debug Panel provides workflow execution details in realtime to make it easier to create, edit and work with your integrations.

Previously, you could see only the log details and errors (if any) of your workflow in the console log panel. The new panel provides you with a lot more detail about workflow execution.

The Debug Panel is located directly beneath the canvas, so it's really easy for users to understand how a workflow is progressing in realtime.

Let's take a closer look at this new feature:


The Debug Panel consists of two main sections: Action and Logs.

  • The 'Action' section contains the list of all actions of your current workflow along with their execution status, execution time, and execution timeline. When you click on an action name, you can see the input and output for that particular action.
  • The 'Logs' section includes the console logs and error details (if any) for the current workflow.

Apart from this, the Debug Panel also displays total duration for workflow execution, the last date and time when a workflow was executed, total credits used, and the container size.

You can learn more about Debug Panel here.

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