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Built.io Backend takes Vegas by storm, powers official mobile conference app for 13,000 attendees at EMC World 2015


EMC World 2015 is a wrap and the Built.io Conference App once again was a hit with conference organizers and attendees alike. The EMC team was able to offer a custom mobile conference experience that was both easy to use and ready to handle the scale of its marquee event. Meanwhile, conference attendees used the app to personalize and navigate the event and organize their schedules.


“Built.io satisfied our strict security requirements and provided us with the necessary confidence to deploy a business-critical app using a Mobile Backend-as-a-Service,” said Rodney Hart, Business Operations Coordinator, EMC. Built.io Backend helped scale smoothly to handle 13,000 attendees and with thousands of API calls per second, the EMC World conference app proved engaging to users – and worry-free for EMC.


The conference application was available on iPhone, Android, iPad and Web platforms. Users polled at the conference shared their delight with the application. Conference administrators sent out several push notifications to conference attendees a day – all with the push of a button. The notifications proved to be a great way to engage users, as noted by spikes in application activity after a push notification was sent. In fact, half of the top-10 API calls/second occurred as a result of push notifications.

As with almost all successful mobile applications, user experience was crucial. The conference use case illustrates well how a huge part of that experience is created in the backend – making sure that servers are up and running, content can be changed in realtime, data is available promptly, analytics are being tracked, and that push notifications can be sent out seamlessly.

The EMC World mobile conference application accomplished all of these – so CONGRATULATIONS to EMC!!

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