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Build Enterprise Apps in Market Time


You've probably been hearing us talk about building apps in record time, but are wondering why it matters so much to be able to build quality apps faster.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is now a given in the workplace, which in turn increases demand for quality enterprise apps. Normally such apps would have to be approved by IT. But, the reality is that due to lengthy development cycles, approved apps are not getting to employees fast enough. Or, they're lacking in functionality or user experience when they do – something which unauthorized 3rd party apps can provide.

built.io solves this problem by providing an app platform with enterprise-class functionality ready out-of-the-box: security, scalability, analytics, APIs, to name but a few. So you can focus on creating a top notch app with an amazing user experience that employees will want to use.

Brent Heslop, Senior Web Technologist at TIBCO Software Inc. has first hand experience: "built.io gave us the ability to deliver internal applications in a fraction of the time of previous equivalent projects. Besides saving development time, built.io empowered us with simple scalability, excellent user control, solid security, and deep analytics."

To give you a sense for how quickly you can do things with built.io, check out the below illustration with typical timelines for an enterprise app development project. built.io gives you results in a fraction of the time.


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