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With our enterprise-ready functionality, such intelligent push notifications, smart analytics, and our full-powered iOS, Android, and JavaScript SDKs, built.io is quickly becoming the platform of choice for enterprises to build mobile and web apps.

We're excited to announce a partnership that brings the power of built.io to more than half a million .Net developers. That's right! You can now find a built.io component in the Xamarin component store. With Xamarin's cross-platform development functionality, there has never been a faster way to build native iOS and Android applications on built.io.

But that's not all! By integrating the built.io component into their applications, Xamarin users have access to all of built.io's award winning features such as built.io's powerful suite of analytics tool to better understand how your users use your application and make informed decisions on where to focus development. With visual data modeling, easy data management, intelligent notifications, and Cloud Extensions, this partnership can't be matched.

Check out what Xamarin's, VP of Product Marketing, Jo Ann Buckner, has to say about the partnership: "Companies today are looking for scalable ways to mobilize their business practices and customer interactions onto multiple platforms. Our collaboration with built.io will accelerate mobile app development for our community, while ensuring mobile apps have a solid and secure backend."

Ready to get started? Learn more about how you can build a world-class application with built.io and Xamarin in our Developer Community.

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