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Built.io Bylines: Backend APIs Just Make Sense


Kurt Collins, Director of Technology Evangelism and Partnerships at Built.io, is at it again! Dzone just published his recent byline, "Backend APIs Just Make Sense". Says Collins,

The fundamental advantage to using APIs in the backend lies in the predictability of an API’s requests. Being able to manage the flow of data and monitor for expected outcomes makes the job of an IT administrator significantly easier. IT administrators have to look out for the security of the enterprise network. Application and API developers are often on the other side; they care about innovation. While there will always be tension between the two, there is one space the two groups should be able to agree on: usage of APIs in the backend can increase efficiency and security throughout the enterprise. It’s time we build on that common ground and make our infrastructure more secure in the process.

Click here to read the article in full.

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