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Automate Your Emails Using these Integrations


If there's one daily chore that could use some automation, it is undoubtedly managing your emails. No matter how many times a day you respond to the emails in your inbox, sometimes it just doesn’t stop bringing in new things. In fact, a survey revealed that on an average, an employee spends 47,000 hours on email over the course of their career. Irrespective of whether you receive countless emails every day or a couple emails in a month, they can be a huge distraction while you’re at work and impact your productivity.

To prevent this issue altogether, you need something that automates your email activities and gets you out of your inbox to focus on work that matters. Fortunately, there are tools such as Built.io that can help you do just that. The intelligent iPaaS automatically sends, receives and processes your emails. It is like a personal assistant that manages your incoming and outgoing email streams to help you stay organized, preserve more time and boost your team’s productivity.

Flow your way out of the email notification flood!

Built.io offers several ready-to-use workflows that help you cut down the time spent on performing repetitive tasks, allowing you to spend only about an hour or two on your inbox per week.

In this blog, we have used Gmail as an example. However, you can build custom workflows to automate tasks for any email account.

Here is a quick list of these integrations.

1.  Send an email for a new opportunity in Dynamics 365

Time is of prime importance in the sales process. To successfully convert a lead into a new customer, it is crucial to respond to them when their interest in your product is at peak. Using this workflow, you can notify your sales team in real-time about potential sales. Whenever an opportunity is added in your Dynamics 365 account, Built.io automatically sends a mail via Gmail to notify them about this new opportunity.

Send mail via Gmail for new opportunity in Dynamics 365

2.  Translate new emails in Gmail using Google Translator and post them in Cisco Webex Teams

This workflow is useful for businesses that have a multi-national presence. Often, they receive communication from customers in languages that they are not familiar with. In this case, Built.io automatically translates the email using Google Translator and sends it to the specified space on Cisco Webex Teams.

Translate new emails and post them in Cisco Webex Teams

3.  Upload attachments received in emails on the FTP server

Post the files received in your emails to other online services that you use and have them auto-organized. With this workflow, when a new attachment is received in your Gmail account, Built.io fetches the list of files and folders in your FTP server and checks whether a folder with the email ID of the sender exists in the FTP server. If the folder exists, Built.io automatically downloads and uploads the attachment to that folder. If the folder does not exist, Built.io creates a new folder with the email ID of the sender and uploads the Gmail attachment in that folder.

When a new attachment is received in Gmail, upload it in FTP server

4.  Create tasks in Wunderlist for labeled messages

In addition to its pre-defined labels, Gmail offers you the option to create custom labels to categorize your emails into different folders. Most businesses have a ‘To-Do’ label in their Gmail accounts to keep track of tasks. With this workflow, you can automatically convert the emails in this folder into new tasks and save them in a specific list in your Wunderlist account.

Create tasks in Wunderlist for labeled Gmail messages

5.  Send emails for new rows in an Excel Online spreadsheet

For most teams, Excel is the go-to choice for data storage, management, and analysis. Using this workflow, you can keep all stakeholders in the loop about changes made in an Excel sheet. It automatically sends an email notification to the specified recipients whenever a new row is added in a particular sheet in Excel Online.

Send emails via Gmail for new rows in Excel Online spreadsheet

6.  Get notes from Evernote and email them to a recipient

This workflow helps you share ideas and updates with your team without having to switch between apps. With this workflow, you can fetch different notes from your Evernote account and share their details with specific recipients via Gmail, all from a single interface.

Get note from Evernote and email it via Gmail

7.  Send email notifications for completed tasks in Asana

Keep team members informed about the successful completion of tasks in real-time. Every time the status of a task in your Asana account is changed to ‘Completed’, this workflow automatically sends a notification via Gmail to all the specified recipients.

Send email notifications via Gmail for completed tasks in Asana

With Built.io, managing your emails no longer needs to be a cumbersome task. Just automate your email activities and take back control of your inbox. Connect multiple inboxes with other third-party applications to create powerful integrations or create your own email actions using the Custom Action Builder.

Sign up with Built.io today or contact us on support-flow@built.io for assistance.

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