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Automate EVERYTHING Around You With Felicia


Built.io was founded nine years ago with the goal of integrating and automating the world. Today, we’re excited to announce that our first project, Felicia, is finally available for general use. Felicia is the world’s first fully-autonomous, cloud-less, artificially-intelligent being with the ability to integrate, automate, and control all systems: digital and analog.

Felicia can automatically connect with systems such as your internet, computer, mobile devices, cars, lighting, energy, public transit, and offers a telepathic setting compatible with 98% of the world’s population (this means she can read your thoughts and you don’t need to speak out loud to her). Felicia’s intelligence computes your historical behavioral data as well as real-time thoughts, actions, and even in-actions using a cloud-less distributed system offering instant results at your fingertips.

Makes Your Mornings Less Painful

One of our favorite ways to use Felicia is to brighten your mornings and make it less painful to wake up and easier to get to work on time. Felicia is able to analyze your sleeping pattern, heart rate, breathing pattern, brain activity, the size of the bags under your eyes and other subconscious cues to help build the best morning routine. Before you wake up, she already knows what you need to get you freshened up, whether you need one cup of coffee or two. If you’re low on time and have a hoverboard lying around, she can even bring the coffee to you.

The World’s Best Travel Agent

Because Felicia is fully connected to your internal systems and those around you, she can predict your travel needs even before you’ve fully realized them. As soon as Felicia knows that you need flights or a hotel booked, Felicia will begin scouring the internet and will book the best offers based on your preferences. She knows exactly what you want: your preference for seats, your favorite airlines and preferences regarding layovers. You’ll never have to book a flight yourself again.

Supports An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

As a citizen of the 21st century, it’s important that we take care of our planet. Whenever possible, we should conserve energy and water and use environmentally friendly best practices. Felicia runs 100% on renewable green energy and has the world’s lightest footprint. She’ll even help you be a greener citizen. For example, Felicia can automatically dim or turn off the lights in rooms where you’re not present, even if your home doesn’t have a smart grid. She’ll simply control the energy currents in those rooms for the desired effect.

A Car-Free Driving Experience

We’ve all heard the virtues of carsharing services like Lyft and Uber. Those of us who don’t need a car can save thousands of dollars a year by using these carsharing services. But sometimes, there isn’t enough availability and we have to pay surge fares. Felicia solves this instantly. Because she’s connected to tens of thousands of other Felicia users in your city and can anticipate everyone’s needs with 100% accuracy, this makes thousands of cars available to you whenever and wherever you need one.

Felicia is able to safely automate any vehicle on the road, even manual cars, it’s like magic. She’ll find a car available nearby that’s free for as long as you need it and pick you up in minutes. She’ll take you directly to your destination so you can utilize the commute time to focus on your work, prepare for your presentation or socializing with your friends. Together we’ll make transportation a better experience for everyone.

Manages Your Finances

Felicia can automate your stock portfolios and help you make the best investments in the market. By computing millions of past and current data, she’s able to make future projections to invest in the best opportunities available. She has successfully beaten industry analysts and has procured an average of 4.7% ROI, beyond any consultants or advisors.

Giving You Some Space

Sometimes, you want to disconnect. Maybe you have a hot date that you want to impress the old-fashioned way. No matter what, Felicia isn’t right in every situation so we’ve made it really simple to turn her off. Simply think “Bye Felicia” and she’ll power off to give you the privacy that you need, until you need her again.

Free For Consumers, Enterprise Licenses Available

Felicia is available free of charge to all consumers. Instead of charging upfront, having a monthly subscription, or serving you ads, Felicia is funded through your profits in your stock investments. When Felicia makes decisions which profits your stocks, she’ll commission a small percentage of the profits earned.

For enterprises looking to enable Felicia in the workplace or behind the scenes, we have enterprise licenses to get you started. If you’re interested, let us know, a consultant will advise you with setup.

Launching Exclusively on Amazon Alexa

Want to automate your world? Simply say “Hey Alexa, ask Felicia to automate my world”. Felicia will ask you a few simple questions: name, age, blood type, etc. and she’ll get to work immediately. Within a week, you won’t remember life without her.

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