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‘APPy Holidays! Build These Integration Gifts For Your Office


As we enter the holiday season, we wanted to put together some ideas for gifts for your office. After all, you spend a third of your life there – may as well make it awesome! Here’s our roundup of our favorite integration hacks.

The Gift Of Fitness: A Fitbit Team Dashboard

It’s been well documented that sitting for hours at a time is bad for your health. This holiday season, why not spearhead healthy habits with your peers with this Fitbit bot? With a simple command, you and your coworkers can share all of your daily activity to a ‘Fitbit room’ in Cisco Spark, Slack, or your favorite group chat tool.

How to Build a Fitbit Team Dashboard

The Gift Of Gab: Voice Controlled CRM

How many times have you been in a meeting and have been asked about a report or metric which you could quickly answer? This holiday season, solve that problem by creating a realtime voice-activated system so you can spin up accurate data in meetings. This workflow connects CRM Pipedrive to Alexa.

How to Connect Alexa and your CRM

The Gift Of Inspiration: Spread Cheer With These Chatbots

Happy thoughts, brought to you by bots! Liven your team up with this bot workflow that shares inspirational quotes via a bot in Cisco Spark created by Laura Giles. While this workflow pulls from Quotes.rest, you can replace it with your favorite quote API.

How to Connect Cisco Spark, a bot and a Quote API

The Gift Of Scheduling: Connected Conference Room

Our partner Macadamian put together the ultimate connected conference room complete with Philips Hue lights to indicate whether a room is busy or not and the ability to book or rebook meetings onsite via voice command. Bring your company into the future using this as a source of inspiration to DIY or contact Macadamian for a quote.

How to Build a Connected Conference Room

  • Tools needed: Philips Hue lights, Google Calendar, Gmail, and Built.io Flow Enterprise.
  • Learn more.

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