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Announcing The Built.io And Moxtra Partnership


Built.io and Moxtra are pleased to announce our partnership!

Why Built.io And Moxtra?

Built.io provides a digital business platform to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation by tapping into the power of APIs and microservices. Its flagship product, Built.io Flow, allows individuals and companies to connect anything with an API, which in turn automates business processes and enables new experiences for mobile, web and IoT, .

Moxtra is at its core a collaboration API, which provides “embeddable collaboration for the mobile era”. It’s a place for your team to receive alerts, communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world using the Moxtra Application for iOS and Android, and Web.

Naturally we thought this would be a great fit. Now, with the combination of Built.io and Moxtra you can easily set triggers from all of your day-to-day applications, and beam notifications and alerts directly into Moxtra.

Here are a few ways you can use our tools together.

How To Use Built.io® Flow Enterprise And Moxtra

You can find all of the following templates and more here.

File Management

Tools: Google Drive, Evernote, Microsoft OneDrive

Your team’s content is stored throughout multiple different repositories. Legal may use a different file platform for signatures than they do for document creation. Marketing may upload to Evernote, while engineering is using Microsoft OneDrive. Having content throughout multiple repositories can defeat the purpose of having cloud-hosted content in the first place. If it’s not all in a centralized repository, or easy to find and access, then having them virtually hosted can be a detriment to productivity, instead of an enhancement. With Bult.io and Moxtra you can streamline content into organized, topic-based conversations, or binders. By having your content all in one space, regardless of where its source was hosted, gives teams the visibility and accessibility to remain productive. Try this workflow (must be logged in to Built.io Flow Enterprise).

Sales Teams

Tools: Salesforce, Quip, Twilio, Moxtra

Sales teams can create their own individual and team workflows utilizing Built.io Flow and Moxtra. By connecting their everyday services like Salesforce, Quip and Twilio, users can create end-to-end sales workflows spanning multiple applications. Prospect and collaborate on opportunities and contracts, always remain up to date on the status of your pipeline, host demos and communicate effectively with your clients. Try this workflow (must be logged in to Built.io Flow Enterprise).

Project Management

Tools: Wunderlist, Trello, Moxtra

Many applications are built on the promise of making things easier. In the case of project management, it is the coordination, assignment, and completion of tasks that the applications aim to streamline. However, many times teams find that one application is better for tracking individual tasks, while another may be better at tracking an entire project and deadlines. This is where Moxtra and Built.io Flow come in to allow teams to combine the best parts of their favorite project management applications and have all of the information consolidated streamlined into one dashboard in order to keep a full view of your team’s projects. Try this workflow (must be logged in to Built.io Flow Enterprise).


Tools: Shopify, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, Moxtra

Streamline your business by connecting your payments, invoices and transactions together through Built.io Flow and Moxtra. Upgrade your existing online store and allow for requests, messages, payments and invoices to alert you directly in Moxtra. Get notified when you need to take action, automatically update email marketing software, track information across spreadsheets and let your business run itself. Try this workflow (must be logged in to Built.io Flow Enterprise).

Real Estate

Tools: Smartsheets, Google Places, Moxtra

The Realty business has a lot of moving parts, including disparate resources and convoluted processes that need to be tracked and completed according to rigorous schedules. By utilizing Moxtra and Built.io Flow, users can manage all of their properties, clients, architects and construction teams from one unified command center. By having the ability to use Moxtra on their phone, laptop, or tablet, it gives them the freedom to instantly message, share and iterate on documents, manage property lists, maintain up to date information and host live meetings and virtual walkthroughs. Try this workflow (must be logged in to Built.io Flow Enterprise).

Developer Teams/Product Management

Tools: GitHub, Twilio, Google Sheets, Moxtra

When developing products, team communication is paramount. Making sure everyone knows what their tasks are, as well as how they fit into the overall project is key to success. Moxtra and Built.io Flow not only let you keep everyone in contact – and projects moving – but it also serves as an amazing platform for resolving errors and issues. With Moxtra and Built.io Flow, the instant a new commit has been made, the team can be notified and the code can be verified. Team members can correspond and take action against a new error and resolve it from immediately and before customers are ever aware that there was an issue. Try this workflow (must be logged in to Built.io Flow Enterprise).

...And the list goes on and on.

Let us know about your favorite workflows in the comments, and feel free to publish yours to the community library if you’re a Built.io Flow Enterprise user.

Ready to get started? Sign up for Moxtra and Built.io Flow Enterprise.

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