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Announcing Powerful Features to Boost Data Security and Productivity


With great powers, comes great responsibility! Now that we have joined forces with Software AG, we are more determined than ever, to keep rolling out features that will make your lives easier. In this week’s release, we have focused on facilitating enhanced data security mechanisms, faster and smoother workflow executions, and improved project-level collaborations to enrich your integration experience.

Here are the highlights:

Enhance Workflow Data Security with Data Masking and Encryption

You can now add an extra layer of security to your trigger and action input/output data by masking it.


You can see the input/output data of your configured trigger or action in the ‘Test’ window. From here, you can mask specific keys of the data or you can mask the entire object. Read more about Data Masking.

Moreover, Built.io Flow will encrypt your workflow execution logs with the type input and output, and store them in our DB, by default. This will ensure that your critical data cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person.

Retry: Auto-execute failed actions

Notify Built.io Flow to retry a failed action two more times before it throws an error and stops the workflow execution.


To do this, you have to simply toggle-on the highlighted option. After this, whenever an action fails during workflow execution, Built.io Flow will automatically try to re-execute it two more times before throwing an error. This will significantly reduce the number of failed workflows and credit consumption. Read more on Retry.

Checkpoints: Resume workflow execution from the point it failed

Enable checkpoints for your workflow to save the status of each successfully executed action. So, if the workflow fails and you re-execute it, Built.io Flow will automatically check for the last successfully executed action and will resume workflow execution from that point onwards. This will help you execute workflows faster and with more ease. Know more about Checkpoints.


Global Error Handler: Try-catch block for your workflow

You can now add a try-catch block for your workflow to handle any errors thrown during workflow execution.


The Global error handler is similar to an independent sub-workflow which will be executed in case an error occurs during the workflow execution. This eliminates the need to attach a separate error handler for each workflow action, consequently making the error handling easy. Read on to know how the Global Error Handler works.

Try out these features for your workflows and let us know what you think. For any assistance, drop us a line at support-flow@built.io.

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