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Announcing dedicated built.io: Bringing MBaaS to VMware Customers



Today, we’re announcing dedicated built.io, which makes built.io available to enterprises that want to deploy their applications and data in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment to meet both their business and IT requirements. We’re thrilled to be able to offer built.io running on VMware vCloud® Air™ (formerly VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™), which allows companies to host mobile workloads in a cloud environment that they can control from top to bottom.


built.io was designed from the ground up for enterprises to accelerate the delivery of scalable applications. Customers can now have enterprise mobile services that deliver the convenience of MBaaS in a dedicated, yet flexible environment.

An exciting, large-scale use case is this year’s official VMworld Mobile Application, which leverages built.io’s enterprise features to bring an elevated user experience to 20,000 conference attendees, all backed by the power of vCloud Air.


dedicated built.io is a direct response to customer demand and has implications for the rise of enterprise mobility. Mathew Lodge, VP of Cloud Services at VMware, sums it up nicely:

With the availability of built.io on VMware vCloud Air, customers gain a rich set of enterprise mobile services that deliver the convenience of MBaaS in an environment they can control and trust.
Mathew Lodge, VP of Cloud Services at VMware

Key features of dedicated built.io include:

  • Private, public or hybrid cloud deployment options
  • Host and deploy built.io anywhere in the world
  • Deep analytics and reporting for compliance
  • End-to-end security with AnyAuth enterprise authentication and optional encryption
  • Native and cross-platform development with SDKs and REST APIs
  • Easy drag-and-drop app development via frontend technology integrations
  • Unlimited internal developer collaboration
  • Integration with 3rd party APIs and corporate IT systems
  • 24x7 monitoring and management of environment
  • Increased and guaranteed SLAs
  • Custom branding and white labeling options
  • Global 24x7 support
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription


dedicated built.io offers customers an enterprise mobile application development platform via IT-approved cloud infrastructure and spans public, private and hybrid cloud architectures. Business units can quickly deliver web and mobile applications for their employees, customers and partners while conforming to their organization’s IT policies.

dedicated built.io is available immediately. Find out more.

Learn more about VMware's enterprise mobility story, and how that includes built.io on the vCloud blog, and in the press release.

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