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And now, it’s time to #powerup


013 was the year to #makeithappen. And we did.

We launched an award-winning product, added dozens of killer features, guest lectured at UC Berkeley, delivered a migration tool for StackMob refugees, made headlines, grew our team to over 100 employees, and courted our newest executive, Matthew Baier.

We have a remarkable year ahead of us and we’re innovating at full speed with lots of exciting news to share in the coming months.

Looking forward to seeing many of you (and meeting new customers and partners!) next month at the Women 2.0 conference, Developer Week (where our CTO, Nishant Patel, will be speaking) and Mobile World Congress where talented students will unveil their winning apps powered by built.io!

Below is an illustration of what an amazing year we had. Looking forward to an even more action-packed year as our team is ready to #powerup.

Happy 2014 everyone.


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