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Built.io In The News: No, An API Is Not A Type Of Beer


Thanks to industry expert Chris Taylor for mentioning Built.io Contentstack in this thorough overview of the pervasiveness of APIs. Says Taylor,

“Headless” models: In the same way, commonly used content management systems (think: Wordpress, Joomla) are becoming outdated, and developers are moving to headless models (like built.io) where the point of content management is no longer to display anything in particular (think: a website), but instead to display everything in general. Data moves from an editing interface to its final destination, which could be a website, an app, an application or the Jumbotron at the ballpark without the creator or consumer being tied down to any one pattern or program. Content creation, edition, movement and consumption is entirely through APIs with no cumbersome application built to contain the user. Instead, the user is freed from restrictive design choices/real estate limits. This increases the velocity of business as well as providing remarkable future proofing.

Click here to read the full article on LinkedIn- it's definitely worth a look. 

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