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Accelerate Digital Transformation with iPaaS


Today, digital technology is all the rage, transforming our personal and professional worlds. Businesses across the globe are prepping for an age of innovation in which different technologies are coming together to create exceptional customer experiences.

As customers become more digitally savvy, enterprises are beginning to rethink their strategies centering them around the customers’ journey. To deliver a truly connected and seamless experience to customers, enterprises need to leverage their applications and data residing in different environments. Data is a key enabler of digital transformation. However, most businesses struggle with disparate and conflicting information sets. To engage consumers more effectively, you need to have accurate, real-time and actionable data on your hands. An easy way around this is to sync all your applications and data into a single, cohesive unit using the power of automation.

Automation implies replacing manual tasks with software to quickly and efficiently accomplish business goals. It can be implemented in all departments of your organization, such as Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, IT, and Customer Support. The goal of automation is not just to automate your organizational workflows but to make complicated business processes simpler, shorter, and more systematized.

Integration platforms such as iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) can be utilized to introduce enterprise-wide automation in your organization. It binds together disparate applications, facilitates quick data exchange, and automates repetitive processes to support enterprises in optimally using their time, resources, and money.

Built.io - A next-generation iPaaS

Built.io, a cloud agnostic and hybrid iPaaS provides enterprises with a revolutionary way to tackle application integration, and accelerate through their digital transformation. Built.io’s integration platform as a service allows users to bring data from legacy systems, public and private clouds, mobile devices, and IoT into a centralized dashboard. Since it operates entirely on the cloud, Built.io requires no complex installation or maintenance procedures. Simply sign up and start automating.

Built.io offers broad connectivity with more than 180 services so you can design workflows tailored to your specific business needs. It also offers pre-built solutions, that is, a set of ready-to-use workflows for all areas of business.

If you would like to know more about how you can simplify your digital transformation journey with Built.io, have a look at our eBook: Accelerate Digital Transformation with iPaaS. It will offer you insights on how to take an integrated approach to business modernization and put your organization on the path to becoming a digitally connected, customer-centric business.

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