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A Marketer’s Guide to Leveraging iPaaS in 2019


2019 is going to be the year of the customer, yet again! We live in a customer-centric world where customers hop, skip and jump across different channels, leaving behind a wealth of data on each of them. Making sense of all this unstructured data living in multiple CRMs is no easy task. Data explosion is a real problem for marketers, who are struggling to find new ways of engaging and converting customers every day.

To engage consumers more effectively, marketers need to have accurate and real-time data. This can be possible only when the data scattered across multiple CRMs is continually synced into a single, cohesive unit.

Using automation, marketers can easily achieve this. Automation solutions such as iPaaS are extending the capabilities of marketers and helping them create personalized, targeted campaigns to attract and retain customers. Nearly 45% of activities performed by marketers can be automated using technology.

To learn more about how you can make the best of an iPaaS solution to achieve your marketing goals, let us first understand what an iPaaS.

What is an iPaaS?

iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service. Simply put, it is an automation tool for connecting applications deployed in different environments. iPaaS can help marketing teams in integrating legacy on-premise systems with cloud applications, IoT devices, and big data, and provide them with a 360° view of the buyer’s journey. Typically, every iPaaS platform provides integrations with multiple services that allow a marketer to create customized workflows and automate tasks within minutes.

Need for iPaaS in Marketing

The growing demand for an effective tool to integrate martech applications is spearheading the adoption of integration platform as a service. iPaaS allows you to plug in multiple martech applications with the click of a button. Data flows in and out of the iPaaS through each application’s API. The end result allows you to smartly leverage data in a way that you are able to understand the customer journey, maximize your marketing funnel, analyze the ROI of your campaigns, and ultimately optimize your overall marketing strategy.

Unlock New Possibilities Through Smarter Automation

1) Improve data accuracy

Connecting disparate marketing tools through an iPaaS facilitates quick data integration and creates a single source of truth. This prevents the risks of duplicate and inaccurate data, which often lead to misinformed decisions. With real-time data synchronization, marketers can spend less time analyzing ‘which data is right?’ and more time on converting the information into actionable insights.

2) Simplify the integration process

iPaaS solutions offer a low-code, self-service integration platform that can be used by even non-technical people to create multi-step, multi-app workflows in minutes. This helps marketers eliminate project bottlenecks and reduces the dependency on IT teams.

3) Improve productivity

Time-saving is one of the biggest advantages offered by automation. Something as small as automating your social media posts can help you save more than 6 hours per week or you can automate the scheduling of meetings to save 80% more time.

4) Reduce time to market

Whether launching a new marketing campaign or introducing your latest product - time is of the essence and a critical competitive advantage in an overcrowded market. With iPaaS, marketers can quickly connect their marketing, business, and technical stacks. This creates a homogenous view of all the data and gives marketers the ability to deploy changes on the fly, resulting in faster time to market.

5) Align marketing and sales efforts

Integrating marketing and sales software can provide both the teams with a single view of the customer journey. With real-time data sharing, marketing and sales representatives can work concurrently with the same information and devise effective data-driven strategies to achieve the common goal of higher conversions.

6) Increase accountability

When it comes to choosing marketing software, marketers usually have to make the decision in conjunction with the IT team. When other teams get involved in data integration, it becomes unclear as to who is responsible for the results. Since iPaaS offers extensive self-service capabilities, even users with no coding experience can use the platform to build complex workflows and achieve their marketing goals. As a result, the accountability for marketing data integration, campaign implementation, and the ROI becomes more transparent.

7) Leverage scalability

iPaaS solutions offer high scalability and can handle large volumes of customer data. Marketers can integrate information from a wide range of sources and harmonize the resulting data sets into an immediately workable format. iPaaS swiftly moves data into marketing campaigns and sales pipelines, enabling marketing reps to orchestrate a guided customer journey across devices and digital channels.

8) Deliver value via legacy platforms

A lot of businesses are still apprehensive when it comes to embracing next-generation technologies for data management. The perceived risks and costs of migrating on-premise systems are usually what make them take a step back. Fortunately, iPaaS has a fix to this roadblock. It provides a cost-effective platform that continually connects on-premise systems to cloud environments, without requiring any manual data detangling. Marketers can work with the on-premise data on cloud as well as sync it with other cloud applications and devices.

Built.io - Your Data Integration Partner

Born in the cloud age, Built.io is an intelligent iPaaS that understands the needs of every digital marketer today. It connects apps, devices and on-premise systems using a simple drag-and-drop interface that helps marketers power their workflows and automate tasks in minutes.

The iPaaS provides integrations with more than 180 services including ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, and several others. Further, it offers numerous ready-to-use workflows that enable you to nurture leads, convert them to customers, increase customer lifecycle, build and grow your brand, all from the same interface. Here is a list of some of our most popular marketing workflows.

To get started, sign up with us today!

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