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A Game Changer for mBaaS: Realtime Arrives in Built.io Backend


This week at Apps World North America, Built.io announced that the award-winning Built.io Backend now offers cross-platform realtime capabilities. This not only greatly expands the number and utility of mobile applications that mBaaS is suitable for, but also brings into the fold Internet of Things use cases (Realtime is a fundamental prerequisite for IoT). Built.io Backend is officially the first and only enterprise mBaaS to offer realtime capabilities and now provides backend services for mobile, web and IoT.

So what is realtime good for? From Uber-like apps, to live heatmaps indicating a gathering crowd, messaging clients using a ‘presence’ indicator, and data syncing – realtime use cases are endless. Here’s an award-winning app – TouchFreight – using our realtime functionality to manage live data associated with a fleet of shipping trucks:


Why does it change the game for mobile app developers? Well, previously, you had to choose between a mobile backend lacking realtime capabilities, or a dedicated realtime system without the capabilities required for enterprise app development. With Built.io Backend, developers can now use realtime alongside mBaaS capabilities, such as built-in geolocation, built-in analytics, built-in content management and advanced security features expected by enterprises.

Realtime support is available immediately for any new or existing app powered by Built.io. Developers can take advantage of the new capabilities by downloading the updated SDK at https://docs.built.io.

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