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7 Workflow Automations for Sales and Marketing Teams


Marketing is a demanding job, from managing campaigns to website redesigns. Working in marketing means working with multiple tools across multiple platforms and mediums. Managing all of these without losing sight of the bigger picture can get difficult. 

Is there a more effective way to manage these tasks?

The simple answer is - Yes, by automating the repetitive and manual tasks that are carried on a day-to-day basis. With the help of an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), marketing professionals can organize and manage their duties more efficiently. Below are some integrations that simplify marketers’ lives and allows them to focus on the high-priority tasks. 

ProsperWorks, Pipedrive, and Salesforce 

As different apps fulfill different business requirements, marketers use multiple CRM platforms to manage deals. In order to not miss out on any update on the leads generated by different team members, it is crucial to sync all CRM tools. Here’s one such integration that will help you integrate three popular CRMs - ProsperWorks, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. 

In this workflow, whenever a new contact is created in Pipedrive, a new lead is created in ProsperWorks and a new customer gets added to Salesforce.

When a new contact is created in Pipedrive, create a new lead in ProsperWorks and add a new customer in Salesforce

Marketo and Salesforce

Here’s another workflow which helps the marketing team to manage their leads efficiently. In this workflow, whenever a new lead is added in Marketo, an account and contact of the lead will be automatically created in Salesforce.

When a new Marketo lead is added, create account and contact of lead in Salesforce

Dynamics 365 and Wunderlist 

For marketers, there is no alternative to multi-tasking. While engaged in other duties, the chances of forgetting to follow-up with a new lead are high. To avoid that, Built.io has an integration that creates a Wunderlist task as soon as new leads are created in Dynamics 365. 

Create Wunderlist task for new leads in Dynamics 365

MailChimp, ProsperWorks, and Cisco Webex Teams 

MailChimp is one of the most popular marketing platforms that is widely used across organizations. This workflow creates a new lead in ProsperWorks and sends a notification to Cisco Webex Teams, whenever a new subscriber is added in MailChimp. 

When new subscriber is added in MailChimp, create new lead in ProsperWorks and send Cisco Webex Teams notification

SugarCRM and Cisco Webex Teams 

Updating your team in real-time about new leads can help them increase conversions, avoid confusion and prevent the risk of repeated calls to the same customers. With the help of this workflow, you can send a notification to your team on Cisco Webex Teams for every new user created in your SugarCRM account. 

Send Cisco Webex Teams notifications for new user created in SugarCRM account

Freshdesk, Zoho Projects, and Excel Online

To manage leads, projects, and other valuable data, organizations use software like Freshdesk, Zoho Projects, and Excel Online. We have built the following integration around these applications to simplify the job for you:

When a new ticket is created in Freshdesk, create a bug in Zoho Projects


ActiveCampaign is one of those platforms that almost every marketer uses as it offers most of the services that marketing departments need:

i) Email Marketing

ii) Messaging

iii) Marketing Automation, etc. 

By understanding a marketer’s preference and in an attempt to make the job more convenient and easy for them, we have built the following integrations:

When a new subscriber is added to ActiveCampaign, create a row in Google Sheets

The responsibilities of marketers cannot be reduced but they can definitely be relieved of the extra burden. Using integrations, their tasks can be automated and productivity can be increased. 

If you liked the automations mentioned above, check out our library for more such helpful integrations. 

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