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6 Popular Time-Saving Templates


Templates are an easy way to jumpstart building workflows. Here’s a curated list of our favorites and some helpful tips to get you started making your own.

Salesforce to Cisco SparkSales Productivity

Pulling info out of your CRM and into a collaboration tool like Spark is great for ease of use, finding information faster, and productivity, since logging in to various web apps can take time

Trello to SmartsheetsProject Management

Trello is designed to give you a quick snapshot of what’s happening right now, while Smartsheet keeps a log of everything you are working on, have worked on, and will be working on. Whether you’re managing engineering sprints or running a conference, connecting these systems is a PM’s dream.

Pivotal Tracker to Cisco SparkSoftware Development

Having the right people for a job is as important as letting them know that they are part of the job. Connect Pivotal Tracker to Cisco Spark so that every time a new project is created, the right people are notified.

Eventbrite to Google Sheets to ActiveCampaign Event Marketing

Almost every event has multiple managers and stakeholders that need access to attendee information. Instead of giving all of these people access to your Eventbrite account, share a Google Sheet with them that is kept updated in realtime.

Alexa to PipedriveFinancial Planning

Having the latest sales data at your fingertips is key to tracking revenue targets and setting budgets. Ask your personal assistant bot, Alexa, to provide you with the latest pipeline information from Pipedrive and get it delivered on-demand in your next forecasting meeting.

Cisco Spark to Google SheetsMarketing Operations

Tracking marketing stats in Google Sheets is an everyday task for many companies. Now you can access and share key information about your latest campaign with key stakeholders and automatically provide reports across teams in Cisco Spark.

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